A Few Christmas Cards

IMG_2481 Hi there everyone. Hope your Christmas plans are working out according to plan. So many twists and turns to this time of the year. Sometimes I am glad when it is all over. It’s like planning for a wedding and POOF it is all over but the shouting in one day!!! Guess I am sounding a little pessimistic or something. One of those twists and turns just materialized, and drives me completely nuts, for me, it is just a short “putt” into a hole!!!! Oh well, that is life, but life sure can be cruel at times.
IMG_2472 So in the first picture is, “Mr. Snowman” he was stamped with “Stampin’ Up, Works of Art” stamps. I rather like this set of stamps because they are so versatile. I found this idea on Pinterest and liked the idea so much I needed to duplicate it. With these stamps I can also make, the American Flag, a butterfly and 2 kinds of sail boats. As I make them, I shall post them here at a later day or on my other blog which is at http://www.cards4ubylouise.blogspot.com come by and visit me there also.

The above picture is a cut out ornament, the technique is called “iris folding”, it is time-consuming but the results are lovely. I then layered the ornament on cardstock and finished it off with Washi Tape.


This is another “iris fold” technique. Kinda pretty huh? I ran the card through the cuttlebug…maybe next time I will dab some extra color on the card so the ornaments stand out. One more picture…..Made a second batch of “Chex Mix Snacks” Not sure where the first batch went to….but between JP and I we munched down that whole first batch. When the pretzels disappeared I knew it was time to make another batch.


Pretzels, rice and wheat chex, oyster crackers, peanuts and M&M’s mixed with Ranch dressing, butter and Worcester sauce. Then baked in a slow oven for about 15 minutes at 300 degrees, bake till hot to the touch then let cool down and EAT!!!!

Well, time to close this blog, I probably will get my cards done and sent out tomorrow. Still need to bring some ornaments up from the basement and decorate the house for Christmas. We never have many visitors, so really, the only people who see my house at Christmas time is JP and I. His family is in Chicago and never come for Christmas and my family????? There is none. No mother, father, brothers, sisters, kids…..oh well…that is what happens when you are an “only child.” You become an “only adult” with no family.

Have a wonderful Christmas and enjoy your family and friends. Cheers ~ Louise


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4 Responses to A Few Christmas Cards

  1. Kimberly says:

    Well I wish I lived close to you, I would come over to visit! I enjoy your posts.

  2. biz319 says:

    I love your rendition of the Chex Mix. My Aunt Martha makes the best Chex Mix, and she doesn’t even bake it – she does it in the microwave!

    Thanks for your continued thoughts and prayers as I get on with my life – it’s hard to believe he’s only been gone a week. 😦


    • I may have to make a 3rd batch….I think JP is eating lots of it.
      Yes, losing someone to death is hard and I don’t think we ever get over it. They will always be in our thoughts. They are in a better place where there is no more pain, tears or sorrow plus they are with Jesus….so much better then this world.

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