Some of My Favorite Cards from 2014

Hi there everyone…how is your New Year going for you so far??? I came down with a bit of the flu/bug yesterday and spent most of the day in bed….feeling better today, thanks.
Did not go to Church, no sense giving whatever I had to someone else. It is pretty cold outside and is supposed to be in the minus’ the next couple of days. Uge….times like this I wish we lived in a warmer climate. HA…so much for “Global Warming” right???
IMG_1892 So this is one of my fave’s for 2014….this one happens to be a Father’s Day card….but I did make quite a few of these into Birthday cards also….a very versatile card. Shall have to start thinking up Father’s Day cards for 2015….these seasons come around pretty fast. Belonging to a Hospice group…..we have to always think months in advance for the next season coming up. This month it is Valentine cards and birthday, thinking of you cards with the Valentine theme. That’s what I need to work on tonight while watching “Downton Abbey” the new season starts…….yay!!!
IMG_2290 This card was fun to make….actually made quite a few of these cards and donated them for Hospice….maybe I shall make some more. Perhaps using a different color card stock and ink….we’ll see how the spirit moves on me.

IMG_2481 Oh yes…..cannot forget my “Mr. Snowman” Christmas card. This is my all time favorite using Stampin’up “Works of Art” stamps. You will probably see a few more cards made with these stamps. I have seen a couple of sail boats, a butterfly and just recently a tic-tac-toe card….I think I shall use it for a cute Valentine Card. Not sure where I saw the idea…maybe good ole’ Pinterest.

Had enough of my favorites…….just a few more.

IMG_1981 This favorite is using 4 stamps to make the flower. Looks like a water-color card….I like very much. Stampin’up has a tulip stamp using the same technique…..I wonder, can one have too many stamps??? I don’t know, perhaps I should curtail it this year and just use what I have, pull out some old ones and pretend they are new???? Maybe that should be a new resolution for me.

IMG_2061 Yeppers….a birthday card for a child. I now have 4 grand nieces and nephews… these cute little cards will be coming to each one of them on their special day. Sometimes it is hard to remember their birthdays….the last baby was born on my birthday, so that shall be an easy one to remember. I guess another thing I have to look at is what their favorite things are….Dom likes trucks and tractors….so maybe I shall have to find some truck stamps…..OH WAIT…..I have some truck stamps…..see? OLD stamps become NEW!!!! YAY!!!!

Well time to close…..hope you enjoyed some of my favorite cards of the year….perhaps my next blog will be some of my favorite pictures of flowers I took in 2014. You all have a great evening and keep warm in this deep freeze and keep looking up!! Cheers ~ Louise


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2 Responses to Some of My Favorite Cards from 2014

  1. biz319 says:

    What kind of printer are you looking for Louise for your basement? Just wondering! Stay warm, I have seen how chilly it’s been up there!

    Hannah and I should come up and visit you this summer when its warm! Hugs!

  2. A cheap HP or Cannon. One that enlarges or makes smaller. One that does not brake me when I need to buy cartridges to replace. Oh that would be a nice visit….the warm is coming.

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