Love is in the Air…….

10435570_10153836231244460_5510057232205966091_nHi there everyone……thought this picture was really cute. Didn’t buy any bacon today at the store…maybe I should have…would go good with eggs for breakfast tomorrow of course. Maybe next shopping date.

Hope you enjoy a wonderful day with you friend, lover, husband, wife or children on Valentines. Me….we will have a quiet day. May run to the butcher tomorrow to by a Rib-eye steak shaped like a heart. Hope they have some left by the time I get there.

I bought the husband a Large can of beans (as he requested), I shall wrap it up and tape a Valentines Card to it and give it to him tonight. His late night dinner will be fish, mashed potatoes and “Italian Mystery Soup”. Something I threw together and I think it turned out pretty good. But I will see what the husband says. If he likes it….maybe I will post it here or at my other blog at take a peek over there if you like….don’t get too much traffic there or here. So maybe I am just puffing air.

Well, time to close, you have a wonderful day and keep looking up. Cheers ~ Louise



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One Response to Love is in the Air…….

  1. biz319 says:

    Ha, love that first picture! Our dog used to smell bacon the second I pulled it out of the fridge – even raw! Love that you gave J.P. beans! I bought the kids Starbuck’s giftcards and chocolate covered strawberries. I missed having a V-day with Tony though! 😦

    Happy Monday!

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