I Want This Frog in My Backyard???

10389145_10152442175771465_2463440388349805481_nHi there everyone….hope you are having a really nice Wednesday. I found this picture of a frog on Facebook and loved her so much, I saved her to my files for further reference at a later date. I WANT HER in my back yard someday. Check out my other blog at http://www.cards4ubylouise.blogspot.com as I tell the story of this frog.

You all have a great day and keep looking up!! Cheers ~ Louise

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day~~~~

IMG_2588Hi there everyone…..my, my, I sure have been a bit lazy posting on wordpress haven’t I? No need to answer that question. Guess life get’s away from us at times. If you are interested in seeing what I have been doing lately….you can always visit my other blog at http://www.cards4ubylouise.blogspot.com  I usually do a post there every 3-4 days or what ever comes up.

Cutting this one short….as I have to go do dishes then go downstairs to make some cards.

You all have a great day and enjoy St. Patrick’s day…..I for one may not be doing that, I have to get a tooth pulled….uge….the only good thing is that they will give me a little bit of laughing gas to calm me down. Keep looking up!!! Cheers ~ Louise

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Love is in the Air…….

10435570_10153836231244460_5510057232205966091_nHi there everyone……thought this picture was really cute. Didn’t buy any bacon today at the store…maybe I should have…would go good with eggs for breakfast tomorrow of course. Maybe next shopping date.

Hope you enjoy a wonderful day with you friend, lover, husband, wife or children on Valentines. Me….we will have a quiet day. May run to the butcher tomorrow to by a Rib-eye steak shaped like a heart. Hope they have some left by the time I get there.

I bought the husband a Large can of beans (as he requested), I shall wrap it up and tape a Valentines Card to it and give it to him tonight. His late night dinner will be fish, mashed potatoes and “Italian Mystery Soup”. Something I threw together and I think it turned out pretty good. But I will see what the husband says. If he likes it….maybe I will post it here or at my other blog at http://www.cards4ubylouise.blogspot.com take a peek over there if you like….don’t get too much traffic there or here. So maybe I am just puffing air.

Well, time to close, you have a wonderful day and keep looking up. Cheers ~ Louise


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Some of My Favorite Cards from 2014

Hi there everyone…how is your New Year going for you so far??? I came down with a bit of the flu/bug yesterday and spent most of the day in bed….feeling better today, thanks.
Did not go to Church, no sense giving whatever I had to someone else. It is pretty cold outside and is supposed to be in the minus’ the next couple of days. Uge….times like this I wish we lived in a warmer climate. HA…so much for “Global Warming” right???
IMG_1892 So this is one of my fave’s for 2014….this one happens to be a Father’s Day card….but I did make quite a few of these into Birthday cards also….a very versatile card. Shall have to start thinking up Father’s Day cards for 2015….these seasons come around pretty fast. Belonging to a Hospice group…..we have to always think months in advance for the next season coming up. This month it is Valentine cards and birthday, thinking of you cards with the Valentine theme. That’s what I need to work on tonight while watching “Downton Abbey” the new season starts…….yay!!!
IMG_2290 This card was fun to make….actually made quite a few of these cards and donated them for Hospice….maybe I shall make some more. Perhaps using a different color card stock and ink….we’ll see how the spirit moves on me.

IMG_2481 Oh yes…..cannot forget my “Mr. Snowman” Christmas card. This is my all time favorite using Stampin’up “Works of Art” stamps. You will probably see a few more cards made with these stamps. I have seen a couple of sail boats, a butterfly and just recently a tic-tac-toe card….I think I shall use it for a cute Valentine Card. Not sure where I saw the idea…maybe good ole’ Pinterest.

Had enough of my favorites…..eh….just a few more.

IMG_1981 This favorite is using 4 stamps to make the flower. Looks like a water-color card….I like very much. Stampin’up has a tulip stamp using the same technique…..I wonder, can one have too many stamps??? I don’t know, perhaps I should curtail it this year and just use what I have, pull out some old ones and pretend they are new???? Maybe that should be a new resolution for me.

IMG_2061 Yeppers….a birthday card for a child. I now have 4 grand nieces and nephews…..so these cute little cards will be coming to each one of them on their special day. Sometimes it is hard to remember their birthdays….the last baby was born on my birthday, so that shall be an easy one to remember. I guess another thing I have to look at is what their favorite things are….Dom likes trucks and tractors….so maybe I shall have to find some truck stamps…..OH WAIT…..I have some truck stamps…..see? OLD stamps become NEW!!!! YAY!!!!

Well time to close…..hope you enjoyed some of my favorite cards of the year….perhaps my next blog will be some of my favorite pictures of flowers I took in 2014. You all have a great evening and keep warm in this deep freeze and keep looking up!! Cheers ~ Louise

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Happy New Year!!!

gold-happy-new-yearHappy New Year Everyone. Hope your New Year is a healthy, happy and spiritually prosperous new year. As we leave this old year if 2014….we think back to the good memories and maybe some of the “not so good memories.” All in all, I hope all your memories were sweet, sweet memories.

Now, onward and upward to a New Year….marching ever forward like soldiers in a war. Keep looking up and follow your heart. Hopefully it will lead you to better places and peace of mind. Cheers ~ Louise

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Christmas Eve Waffles

Hi There everyone….hope you are enjoying your Christmas Eve Festivities!!
Made some waffles this morning and there are still enough for Christmas day’s morning breakfast. Although one of the gifts I am giving the husband is a favorite of his. Lox and bagels with cream cheese, tomato and sliced onion. So I shall pack the package as soon as I get up and put it on the table. Knowing him, he will eat the lox and bagel first. The waffles will be a second thought later on in the day.IMG_2504 (2)
In this picture is my redecorated Christmas tree. I had it all decorated and the lights died on me. So I undecorated the tree. Bought some new lights and redecorated it. I tell ya, like I really needed to be bothered with that chore a second time. Good thing it is a small tree….but it looks nice. I am thinking that little impish elf in the center of the tree caused the problem. I never figured he was capable of doing such things, always thought he was a “nice” elf….but now I am beginning to wonder who really is the mischievous one here??? I shall have to watch him more closely.

For Christmas Eve dinner, I made a pork roast with homemade sauerkraut, potatoes and carrots a green bean casserole and cranberries. Oh and there is a no-bake cream cheese pie in the refrigerator. Can’t touch for a couple more hours, maybe by 9pm it will be set.

Does it not look like the yummiest pie you have ever seen???? It really was very simple and easy to make.

First make your crust OR easier yet….buy an already made graham cracker crust.

To 1 package of softened cream cheese, mix 1/2 cup of sugar (or less) to the cheese.

Add 1 cup of sour cream and 2 teaspoons of vanilla extract.

Next add 1 container (8 oz) thawed whipped cream topping. Fold together and spoon mixture over the crust. Chill for 4-5 hours to set and keep refrigerated. Garnish with your favorite fresh fruit or pie filling.

I did sprinkle some chocolate sprinkles just to pretty it up. Well, enjoy this pie if you happen to make it. I sure am hoping it tastes good….but while I was putting it together, it tasted pretty good. So this could be a winner for the day!!!

Well, time to close this blog…..can  you believe, one more week left in 2014. Where did this year go????? I am not sure 2015 will be a good one for us….JP will be needing surgery, so we have to decide what direction we are to go. Medicare I guess will pay but I am not sure how our other bills will get paid as he has to be off work for a month, and then, will his job still be there for him when he goes back…..a lot of things to think about.

I shall have to keep looking up and believe that God has everything under control….but there are times, in my humanity….I can’t help but wonder, will He be there for me?

Cheers ~ Louise

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A Few Christmas Cards

IMG_2481 Hi there everyone. Hope your Christmas plans are working out according to plan. So many twists and turns to this time of the year. Sometimes I am glad when it is all over. It’s like planning for a wedding and POOF it is all over but the shouting in one day!!! Guess I am sounding a little pessimistic or something. One of those twists and turns just materialized, and drives me completely nuts, for me, it is just a short “putt” into a hole!!!! Oh well, that is life, but life sure can be cruel at times.
IMG_2472 So in the first picture is, “Mr. Snowman” he was stamped with “Stampin’ Up, Works of Art” stamps. I rather like this set of stamps because they are so versatile. I found this idea on Pinterest and liked the idea so much I needed to duplicate it. With these stamps I can also make, the American Flag, a butterfly and 2 kinds of sail boats. As I make them, I shall post them here at a later day or on my other blog which is at http://www.cards4ubylouise.blogspot.com come by and visit me there also.

The above picture is a cut out ornament, the technique is called “iris folding”, it is time-consuming but the results are lovely. I then layered the ornament on cardstock and finished it off with Washi Tape.


This is another “iris fold” technique. Kinda pretty huh? I ran the card through the cuttlebug…maybe next time I will dab some extra color on the card so the ornaments stand out. One more picture…..Made a second batch of “Chex Mix Snacks” Not sure where the first batch went to….but between JP and I we munched down that whole first batch. When the pretzels disappeared I knew it was time to make another batch.


Pretzels, rice and wheat chex, oyster crackers, peanuts and M&M’s mixed with Ranch dressing, butter and Worcester sauce. Then baked in a slow oven for about 15 minutes at 300 degrees, bake till hot to the touch then let cool down and EAT!!!!

Well, time to close this blog, I probably will get my cards done and sent out tomorrow. Still need to bring some ornaments up from the basement and decorate the house for Christmas. We never have many visitors, so really, the only people who see my house at Christmas time is JP and I. His family is in Chicago and never come for Christmas and my family????? There is none. No mother, father, brothers, sisters, kids…..oh well…that is what happens when you are an “only child.” You become an “only adult” with no family.

Have a wonderful Christmas and enjoy your family and friends. Cheers ~ Louise

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Some Christmas Decorating

Hi there everyone…hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends.

Now it is time for Christmas! My goodness, we go from season to season in a twinkling of an eye….moving so fast into the next step of life….running full steam ahead like a bull charging into a China Shop!!!! Yikes….what a mess we can create.

I have not started to decorate as yet, but, I shall show you some Christmas pictures from 2013 that I brought up from my picture archives. Nothing much will change, I use the same ornaments from year to year. Sometimes I buy something new at the “end of season” sales. Not sure I did much of that kind of shopping last year though, so what you see is what you get.

In the picture below is our little Christmas tree, that I put up every year…..It’s pretty handy to have. I thought about getting a new little white tree for this year. I used to have a white tree and decorated it with red lights, ornaments and garland….gosh it sure was a pretty tree. But only my husband and I enjoyed it at the time….this was when we were first going out together and (oh my gosh) living together….back then 1972/73 was a terrible thing to live together. Our families did not acknowledge our living conditions back then.  Now a days, nobody thinks twice about it.
In the picture below are my “3 Kings” I made these guys back in 1968 using paper mache’. Every year I pull them out of their “All Detergent Container.” Each King is wrapped individually in tissue paper and their crowns and gifts are removable and wrapped carefully in tissue also. Maybe that is why they have lasted all these 46 years. I wonder if we will make it to 50 years????? Time will tell, I guess.
One more picture from 2013. “My Christmas Village” is a montage of many houses, people and accessories which I picked up here and there. My first piece was the church and the green roof park pagoda. Every year I add something to the village, I think I might have picked up a little house and some people last season. It’s always fun to put the village up from year to year, just to see what might be new. If there is a sale during the Christmas season this year….at like 50% or 75%, I just may pick something up.

As  you can see in this picture, I am into antiques. To the right is an old clock, my husband seems to think it is worth some money, but we can’t seem to get a good quote on it. To the right is an old Philco Radio….no, it does not work. The radio makes a fine display for the “3 Kings.”

So there you have it….2013 Christmas pictures that will be my inspiration in 2014. You all have a great day and keep looking up. Cheers ~ Louise

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Happy Thanksgiving

Hi there everyone. Just wanted to post a Happy Thanksgiving to you all that read this blog.
My husband and I have no plans for Thanksgiving this year. The only thing I am changing is: I did not buy a turkey. Guess I just did not feel like cooking one. This is probably the first time in all the years we have been married that I did not cook a turkey. Even if we ate out at someone’s home…I still did a turkey, just cause we like the left overs….maybe I will do one for Christmas. We will see.

So our Thanksgiving dinner will include, Parmesan encrusted chicken breast (yum right?), broccoli, mashed potatoes, stuffing and gravy, cranberries, olives, pumpkin pie with whipped cream. I will probably watch the parade for awhile then turn on the dog show, or record it to watch at a later date. Thanksgiving Campmeeting with Jimmy Swaggart started, so we need to watch that too.

Well, time to close, you all have a great day with family and friends….enjoy your time and keep looking up. Cheers ~ Louise

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A Few More Christmas Cards

Hi there everyone…hope you had a great day. Mine was especially nice….it was my birthday yesterday. Turned 68 years young!!! If you would like to read about my day go to my other blog, I won’t bore you with all the details here, http://www.cards4ubylouise.blogspot.com
So here are the rest of the cards I made at my friends house last Thursday (a week ago already). This is a die cut of a deer. The background is a cuttlebug folder with speckles enhancing the snowflakes. The deer has some patterned paper underneath. Die cut holly and tree branches are added to the corners. The Noel is die cut also.

The wreath card, was fun to make, using die cuts again. As you can see, my friend has LOTS of die cuts. The wreath has a dark wreath on the bottom and the light colored one on top, we inked the green one and popped up part of it and added gems for decoration. The bow was in two pieces and colored in.  The background is a dotted and swirled folder run through the cuttlebug.

Now I am going to add some cards I have been working on in the last couple of days, I probably will donate some of these cards to Hospice.

Some of these cards are repurposed cards, the snowmen were on napkin holders which I cut out. The silver tree up in the left hand corner was an old card repurposed. The two snowmen on top were cards I made 3-4 years ago and just added some speckles to embellish. The Eifel Tower card was from 2 years ago. The pine tree and silver bow is new and maybe my Christmas card to give this year. Oh and the two snowmen and penquin are stickers I have had for a couple of years…..just added the silver snowflake and Merry Christmas. I think I shall add a big snowflake to the to snowmen in the back and forefront….it needs something more. I still have 2 weeks to finish the cards for Hospice…so you can see, I shall be busy making cards and getting them out in the mail.

I have to get Thanksgiving cards out too….geez, better get cracking. Well, time to close, you all have a great day and keep looking up. Cheers ~ Louise

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