Diets and Such…….

10641053_814473235272197_1464664143164217533_nHi there everyone….hope you are having a good day. Did I say D.I.E.T.S???? Ish…I hate dieting, don’t you? I wish there was an easier way to lose some weight.

I am still doing my smoothies, although I missed today. I have managed to drop 7 pounds so that is a plus. Looking at me, you probably would not be able to tell it, but at least I am trying.

As for salads, I like salads and really need to do more. Problem is I like to cook too, and I do so enjoy my cooking. When I cook for the husband, he is one of those that can eat anything, and not gain weight….me I just look at it or take a little bite and on goes the pounds. So unfair!!!

PS….I can pass up a donut very easily…’s those potato chips that call my name so very loudly!!!!! Cheese, garlic, BBQ……well just about any chip would have my name on it.

So today after church we went out to eat. I had a “freightliner omelet” 3 eggs, cheese, potatoes, and bacon with rye toast. Oh gosh was that delish. Took half of it home for breakfast or lunch. So I will be looking forward to the rest of my lunch tomarrow.

What is my menu for this next week….not sure, but I will try to keep the calorie content down a bit plus watch my blood sugar numbers. This mornings numbers  were 110…..that was a very good number for me. Would be great if I could keep my numbers there all the time. I like to go to Biz’s blog at: she always has some great ideas and recipes to follow. She is also diabetic and watches her numbers and calories like a hawk.

Well, time to close this blog and go makes some cards…..seems this wordpress is slowing down quite a bit and I can only get one letter at a time. So have a great week and keep looking up!!!  Cheers ~ Louise




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One Response to Diets and Such…….

  1. biz319 says:

    Thanks for the shout out Louise! I am like you – sweets/candy/cake/donuts – can totally pass those up. But give me some Chex Mix, pretzels or potato chips and I can’t resist!


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