Makin’ Saurkraut

Hi there everyone…..gosh where is the time going. Cannot believe it’s 11 days since I last posted here…sorry for the delay.

I have been busy this past week. We are still waiting for the roofer to come and do our roof, but the weather has not been cooperating and the roofer does not want to open the roof up till the weather is nicer…I would most certainly agree!!! We have had enough ceiling leaks in the kitchen to last a life time.IMG_2390JP came home from work Tuesday with two of these giant cabbages, about 10×10 for each of them. First thing on my menu was sliced cabbage cooked in butter and fried, a small can of diced tomatoes and some left over spaghetti, mixed together and topped with mozzarella. I cooked some chicken for myself and venison steak for JP.

Next on the menu, sliced some more cabbage and froze a couple of bags for soups in the future. Then I found this recipe for sauerkraut in a mason jar. Now that is a good idea, I don’t remember ever making sauerkraut, so why not try. Here is the address to go to, to make your own. This is the recipe I used. I also found this same recipe on Pinterest along with many other recipes for cabbage. MMMMM my mouth watered looking at all that goodness. Just type in “Cabbage recipes” and wah-la…recipes galore!!!


Here you see the sauerkraut on day two of fermentation. Tonight I will stir the cabbage around and make sure all the kraut is under water, as long as that is happening, we are in business and headed for a good batch of sauerkraut. I need to find some cheese cloth so I can cover the jar properly. This will take 7-10 days to ferment. After that I can start to cook with the kraut. Pork Roast, potatoes and kraut and applesauce……oh yes…come to mama!!!

Some other things on my menu that I plan on making, are stuffed cabbage or (ho-lip-she) which is what I call them. One of my favorite side dishes is cooked cabbage in bacon grease, onion and tomatoes and the cooked bacon mixed together. So good.

If you would like to see what other things I am going to make, please see my other blog at:    Cheers ~ Louise


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2 Responses to Makin’ Saurkraut

  1. biz319 says:

    Yours looks much better than mine Louise – I tried making it one time and after 10 days it was awful. I love sauerkraut – Bavarian being my favorite and I always add more caraway seeds to mine. We’ve got another overcast day today – I need to see some sun!

    Enjoy your weekend!

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