Continued ~ Beets, Beets and More Beets

Hi there everyone…..Hope you are having a wonderful Saturday and Labor Day weekend off. It’s a nice day just to putts around, so I chose to catch up on my blogging. Dinner is already cooked and we’ll be having left overs from yesterday’s (fiasco) dinner. We were supposed to go out to eat, but JP took sick at the last moment, so we didn’t go out. I decided to make a run to Festival and bought a slice of “prime rib”, chicken wings, fish and mashed potatoes. Made a salad and sauted some mushrooms along with the prime rib. OOOOOO MY that was an awesome, almost a heavenly dinner. Well there is leftovers, so we will be munching on that tonight along with a big salad.

Beet Greens

Beet Greens

So in todays blog I want to tell you what else I made with the beets. (just a note, I am on my second batch of beets). I cooked up the greens and stems. Sauteed the stems with one onion and garlic in some olive oil. When the stems were tender.IMG_2254

I then added the greens chopped up. They will cook down like spinach. I added a little salt and pepper.

Cut up Beet greens.

Cut up Beet greens.

In this picture the greens and stems all sauteed. Looks pretty good, huh??? I added about a cup of this to the chicken soup I was making at the same time. It added a lovely color to the soup and tasted good too!!!

Cooked up beet greens and stems.

Cooked up beet greens and stems.

A picture of the chicken soup. MMMMM it was delish!!! With soup I like to buy a rotisorari chicken, cook it in water, add onion and celery, chicken boullion. I take  the chicken out and debone it. Add the noodles and whatever vegie I want I decide. In this soup I added corn and the beet greens and a few tomatoes that had turned red.


My second batch of greens I did the same thing with them. The beets I will turn into baked beet chips. I read where you can make Red Velvet cake with the juice….hum…that might be something I might try.

Well, time to close this blog and go take a look at facebook. Have not been there as yet…..sure don’t want to miss anything of value…not that there is anything of value, I seem to have a lot of politics infiltrating my facebook now a days….oh well. Have a good one and Cheers ~ Louise

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Ummmm for some reason my links are not working today….so what else is new.


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One Response to Continued ~ Beets, Beets and More Beets

  1. Patricia D. says:

    Oh that soup looks good. You asked about the hot tubs on the ship. No we didn’t use the tubs. I’d like a more private tub than being out in the open… too self concious.
    Some people really enjoyed them though.

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