Hi there everyone. Thought I would do a short post tonight. Nothing special going on, so I thought I would talk about Kylie our doggie. Here she is peeking out through the porch posts….funny girl.
Kylie is a rescue dog. We got her from the Osh Kosh Animal Shelter. Gosh, 10 years ago…where did that time go. She has been a bundle of joy for both JP and I. But Kylie is a momma’s girl. Us girls need to stick together, don’t cha know.
Here she is sitting in her favorite place, on the back of the chair, so she can look out the front room window. She lets us know who is coming down the sidewalk and up on our porch. She especially makes a fuss when the mailman makes his presence known.
We love to sit on the front porch. Here’s Kylie surveying the world and the neighborhood from her perch. Kylie is part Poodle and part Schnawzer. She loves to smell things and chase rabbits and squirrels. I guess she is a hunter at heart.
Here we are playing games….catch me if you can….
Well, time to close this blog for today. Hope you liked meeting Kylie….she’s a great friend. Some of her favorite things to do are:

1) Going for walks and rides in the car.

2) Eating and snacking, bread crust with peanut butter on it and walks.

3) Snuggling and walks.

4) Sleeping under the covers and on pillows and walks.

5) Sitting on the front porch and walks.

6) Begging at the table and walks.

7) Her stomach and chin scratched, her sign is a high five to let me know when she wants her chin scratched and of course, walks.

I am sure there are other things she likes, but you get the picture….she loves walks.

You all have a great week and keep looking up. Cheers ~ Louise

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3 Responses to Kylie………

  1. biz319 says:

    So cute – I miss having a dog. It’s been 18 months since we had to put our dog down – but with Tony being sick don’t think now is a good time to bring a dog in just yet. Hope you had a great weekend!

  2. Brenda in IN says:

    She is cute as can be. They are so much company and so much fun.

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