Flowers and Votes for Biz

A quick post here and of course some more summer flowers. We must enjoy them while they are here….just a few more months and the snow will be flying…HUSH YOUR MOUTH LOUISE!!!

Lovely White Waverly Petunias

Lovely White Waverly Petunias

So the picture above are my white petunia’s, I have been dead heading them and they seem to be much more fuller this year then past years….that must be the trick.
IMG_2173 IMG_2175More shots of my flowers. A rose is a rose is a rose…..this rose bush must be over 20 years old and has made beautiful blooms every year. I took this picture from on the porch, sitting on the lawn chair. Zoomed in, thought it turned out interesting, one flower has bloomed and another one ready to bloom.

And these are my “brown eyed (black eyed) Susan’s” they volunteer their loveliness every year and I never know where they will pop up. I think I would be disappointed if they did not come back every year.

Today I will try linking Biz and her blog together so you can vote for her and her “pan seared pork chop with spinach apple honey mustard sauce and rosemary new potatoes”  Go to her link and click it on, leave your email and the set of numbers they give you. Click “vote now”. Thanks for your vote and do come back every day till August 22nd. Hopefully she will win this contest and win $5,000 plus a trip to New York.

She and her husband have made 3 trips to Mayo and have stayed at the Extended Stay America. Biz had to leave her husband there for the week for another test, Hopefully this week will reveal the results. So here is the link to the Extended Stay site Go to the “Vote Now>” button and look for Biz’s recipe and click it on and vote, vote, vote!!!

There are lots of great recipes there but I think the best one is Biz’s…she is a great cook!!! Well, time to go walk Kylie before it rains. You all take care and keep looking up. Oh while I am doing some linking, here is my cards4ubylouise blog at BlogSpot. I have a link to Biz’s recipe there also and if you would like to read that blog also here is the link:

Cheers ~ Louise


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4 Responses to Flowers and Votes for Biz

  1. Patricia says:

    Hi there, Deadheading is the secret to fuller and lush summer flowers. The plants keep blooming because they’re trying to fulfil their destiny… making seeds. Instead of putting energy into growing seeds, it keeps trying to bloom to make the seeds. Win win, for us.

  2. Hi Patricia, Cool….I shall keep on, keeping on then…{smile}

  3. biz319 says:

    Thanks again for the shout out Louise! I wish they could show how many votes people have – I am curious to know if I am even close to the top.


    p.s. – glad the links are working for you! 😀

  4. Hi Biz, I am sure you will win, will be surprised if you don’t. Yes the links are working…thanks.

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