Some Pictures of My Flower Garden

Hi there everyone….hope your day was very special today. We had a good one. I guess you might say, we took a vacation day and just enjoyed our surroundings. Sat on the front porch and even took a nap. Made steak on the grill with vegies and toast and even ate on the front porch….was a very pleasant dinner. About a half hour later we went to Tom’s Drive-in and got a hot fudge sundae and Kylie got a baby cone with a doggie biscuit. How special was that??? She took us both for a walk to her favorite place, we call it “Kylie’s Park” lots of rabbits and squirrels make their home there. And, a lot of other doggie owners take their dogs to “Kylie’s Park” so it’s a fun place to go to.


Bee Balm

So here are some pretty flowers. I got these about 3 years ago from a lady who was getting rid of her plants….it used to be just a cluster and now it has grown to a much larger cluster….fun to watch things grow.



Daisies….these started with just a few daisies and now look at how much they have grown and spread.


Brown Eyed Susans

These are my amazing Brown Eyed Susan’s. One summer over 10 years ago (maybe longer) I noticed some plants growing. I did not know what they were so I just let them grow and to my amazement the plants turned into these beauties. They have come back every year and never in the same place they were the year before. I have tried to get them started in the back yard…but to no avail. They seem to like the front yard with all the sun. Too much shade in the back yard. I think I will take a picture of our house in the next few days from across the street. You will be able to see how colorful the house is with these lovely flowers.


Brown Eyed Susans and Geraniums and Petunias

Here is what it looks like to walk up to the front door. You are greeted by the Brown eyed Susans, geraniums, petunia, rose moss and hibiscus’s….nice place huh?? I think after 23 years we finally got our little house looking the way we like it.


Our little bubbling fountain

Last but not least, our little pond in the back yard. Last year I really worked hard to get the rocks and pond in their new home and spread lots of mulch, we bought 4 yards of mulch and it took all summer to get rid of the mound…but it got finished. So now this summer we get to just enjoy the summer with not too much work.

Well, time to close and maybe go watch a movie or something and relax some more…tomorrow is church and we have to get up at 8am for 9:30 service. On the way home we will stop at a Rummage Sale. I have a table top to pick up that they are holding for me. Going to use it downstairs for my old computer so I can set up the cricut and use it down there.

Have a great day and keep looking up….for Jesus’ soon return. Cheers ~ Louise


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4 Responses to Some Pictures of My Flower Garden

  1. biz319 says:

    The garden looks lovely! Steak, porching, napping, ice creaming – sounds wonderful!!

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  3. patty says:

    oh yummmy a hot fudge
    love the beautiful flower Louise(:)
    Bella..hehe so funny..hope she doesn’t take a tumble!!!!

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