Bella is on the Roof Again!!!

Bella on the roof

Bella on the roof

Hi everyone. How is your day going. Bella did not have such a good day. Hahaha….she found herself on the roof again. Bella is the neighbor dog across the street. I love watching her bounce around in the back yard and bark at the squirrels and the wind. She is quite entertaining. Although the neighbor on the other side complains about her barking. But the way I see it, dogs are going to bark, that’s what they were made to do….right?

Bella, Bella!!

Bella, Bella!!

Last week (forget which day) I happened to look up and there was Bella on the roof again. I say again because when these people first moved in this house….”the white dog” jumped through the screened window and landed on the roof. She must have thought there was an escape route that way and she could get on the ground some how. Well the neighbor saw her and got a ladder out and climbed it to coax her back into the window….it did not work. So the daughter went to the back door and called her and through the window “the white dog” jumped through the window and Tammy closed the window behind her. (as I write this, I am thinking this could be a wonderful story for children…..title “the white dog” of course.)

So this second time Bella landed on the roof…I was working in the front yard and I looked up and there was Bella….I went across the street and Kurt, Bella’s next store neighbor came out and I pointed to Bella and Kurt went into the neighbors house calling for someone….one of the kids must have been home and called Bella through the window again. That hole in the screen is getting pretty big!!!

So, I finally found out her name this past weekend…because, Bella decided to take a walk and left her big wonderful yard….the people were calling her name…..”Bella….where are you?” So Bella went missing for 12 hours. She must have been found because she was back home the next day. Now, poor Bella is being trained to stay in her back yard with an electric fence….not sure how that will work….we’ll see.

I have not seen Bella for the last couple of days…she must be staying close by. I think some dogs need adventure and Bella is always looking for something to do. Maybe they need to get a job for her….she might be happy.

Kylie has lots of jobs here. She takes me for walks, watches the house that no intruders will come in. Protects us from the mailman and Schwans man. Tells us to “beware” there are dogs walking past the house, oh and she makes sure we have nothing left on our plates and makes sure our plates are clean……so I can put them back in the cabinet. (ah…I wash them first with hot water. she does them with cold water), she is our alarm clock and is always up when we are…..yep a very important part of our life.

Kylie on a walk, looking for rabbits

Kylie on a walk, looking for rabbits

Well, time to close this blog….I know it was not very interesting….but hey it was to me…hope you all have a great day and keep looking up. Thank God for doggies….they add something special to our lives that humans can’t…they have unconditional love, the kind of love that God has for us….can you imagine that??? Cheers ~ Louise


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One Response to Bella is on the Roof Again!!!

  1. Brenda in IN says:

    Bella is cracking me up. That is so funny. I love your porch, it came out beautiful. The brown eyed susans are gorgeous, as are all your flowers. Looks like you are keeping busy and getting lots done. That’s my plan too as I have let some things go this past winter and now I’m paying for it and having to do it all at once.

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