Part 2 ~ Hi-lites of July 4th Weekend

Hi there everyone. How is your day going? Well as I said in my previous blog of part 1. I shall post the rest of our weekend of July 4th. So Saturday, we cleaned the porch, washed down the siding and I stained the porch floor.

Another Before

Before Wash and Stain

So here is a picture of before…we were just about to wash down the siding and floor. I didn’t start the staining till about 5pm. Finally finishing about 6:30 pm

Floor Before

Floor and siding after the wash.

Here we are after the wash and waiting for the wood to dry. It was kind of breezy and in the 70’s so perfect weather to do this. Plus JP did most of the work….I just stained the floor….painting is one of those jobs he doesn’t care for, but I do.

Floor half stained

Floor half stained

Here is a shot of the floor, half done….starting to look nice huh? As you can see I used Thompson Water Seal. Got it at Walmart for about $18. A stain and sealer all in one. Probably should have used this a long time ago. But procrastination sets in…finally took the bull by the horn and did it. Glad I did, cause the porch floor is b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l!!! As you can see.

Picture taken at dusk, but look at the difference.

Picture taken at dusk, but look at the difference.

As I said in the caption, this picture was taken at dusk, like maybe around 8pm or so after it dried and we were able to get the furniture on the porch before it rained. In the next picture will be the floor during the day. Watch the difference.

Finished Product, isn't it a beautiful floor?

Finished Product, isn’t it a beautiful floor?

“BELLA” Beautiful…… happy I stopped procrastinating and did the job. I keep looking out the front door to see that it is still there. It has rained a couple of times and the rain water beads up….so it is doing its job and working. That’s what I like…something that works!!! After I finished staining the floor, I took Kylie for a walk, came back and started some chicken on the grill. Yes, it was a busy and productive weekend.

Sunday we just enjoyed a few hours sitting on our “new porch”. Well, time to close and take Kylie for her walk today. Tonight is “So You Think You Can Dance” I like that show….love the dancing, makes me wish I had continued my dancing career….did you know when I was a little girl……I wanted to be a bellarina….ha, did not quite make it did I…oh well. Have a great day and keep looking up. Cheers ~ Louise


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3 Responses to Part 2 ~ Hi-lites of July 4th Weekend

  1. biz319 says:

    Wow, what a gorgeous job!! I don’t mind painting either, it’s um, just that I am not good at it. Like at all. The last time I tried to paint was 14 years ago (a long time!) to paint Hannah’s bedroom when we moved in, and we ended up having to hire a professional to finish the job!

    • Hi Biz and I thank you. Oh…I probably should have called in a professional too, I sure was tired by the time I finished, that was a lot of bending down for old me…..hahaha…but now I can enjoy it.

  2. Roxie says:

    Your porch floor turned out beautiful Louise! Oh, how I miss my porch from the other house……I’m so happy you sold one of those sweet elephants…Cute! I’ve been meaning to go to GFS and I will soon! heard it’s a great store~~~have a lovely and blessed week! Roxie

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