Some Flowers From My Garden

Hi there everyone…how does your garden grow???? Thought I would post a few pictures from my garden tonight. They sure are pretty this year. In the picture below is my Brown Eyed Susan. (I think that is their name) They reseed themselves every year…and volunteer to grow where ever their seeds fall. I sure do like these flowers and would be very sad if they did not show up in my front yard, someplace in the my garden. They are really great because they last a good 6 weeks. The flowers dry and I can spread the seeks someplace else and hope to see them grow. ImageIn this next picture are my white long-stem roses. This is the first bloom of the summer for this one. I took a few more pictures of this rose, so you will see a few more pictures of these beauties.


Pink Peonies in this next picture. This is actually the last of my peonies….sad to see them end, but that’s what we have pictures for, the pictures can last a life time…can’t they. As you can see I used my peonies as a header for this blog.


OH Boy….a yellow flower which means a cucumber is coming. Wow, can hardly, hardly wait!!!


I know, I know….those are not flowers but wonderful, strawberries!!! I have gotten quite a few from the bushes, it’s been fun collecting them. Tomorrow I will collect another bowl full for freezing. I am going to move some of these plants in the backyard after they have produced. Haven’t had to fight the birds, don’t think they knew the berries were there.


So there you have it, a few pictures from my garden. I do have a plant that is taking over things.Image

Lemon Mint has taken over my front yard. It is growing every where….yikes!!! I know I have to cut it down and get rid of it…just not sure how, cause I know the roots run deep. These all started from one little plant….I think they will snuff out the strawberries by next year.

Well time to close and post this and get over to my BlogSpot to direct you here. I hope this is not too confusing for you and others. But for now this is how I am dealing with this inconvenience that I do not know how to fix.

So have a great day and enjoy the new month coming up…JULY!!!!

Cheers ~ Louise





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6 Responses to Some Flowers From My Garden

  1. biz319 says:

    I updated my blog list to now show this website – so weird about the problems with the other site – let me know if you have any questions about wordpress – I really like it!

    Love the flower pictures! All I have growing at my house are weeds!

    • Hi Biz….oh thanks. I know I still can’t figure out why I’m having problems with BlogSpot…sad. I am liking wordpress, but sad that I might loose some followers….oh well such is life. Maybe I will have to update my address when leaving a comment with you….I will have to watch for that next time. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Tina says:

    Those strawberries look delicious! 😀

  3. attic clutter says:

    pretty pretty Louise (:)
    I hope your 4th is a fun one (:)

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