Frying Bacon in the Oven…..yum!

Fried some bacon this week!!! So, what’s so unusual about that you ask??? Well, it’s all in the way I do it, I suppose. As I like to buy bacon at Festival Foods in bulk…this is way better than buying by the pound and paying more!!! Festival sells their bacon in large containers, I pick the one that looks the best to me and also according to price. Which I might pay anywhere between $5 – $8.00. Checking out each package, how the bacon is sliced and how lean and pink the bacon looks. The packages range in weight 3-4 lbs. Sometimes I pick through each and every package till I find the right one. Go home with the bacon, and in the frig it goes, I then pick a morning that I want bacon and eggs and plan for the big day.

Okay, so the day has arrived and I begin by layering each piece of bacon on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper. As you see in this picture.
Baking at about 400 degrees and checking the bacon every 10 minutes to make sure the bacon does not get too crispy and brown. My biggest problem is taste testing the bacon to make sure it is crispy enough.

overdone bacon

overdone bacon

Yeah…I know a little bit over done here, (shucks, I forgot to enlarge the picture) but, still crispy and good. So after I finish baking the bacon and they have cooled. I pack them in plastic containers, placing some in the frig and some in the freezer for later use. My bacon is always ready for BLT’s, eggs and bacon, omelets or broccoli salad. Gosh, I have some broccoli in the frig right now, think I will make that today. Calorie free….right???

Well, time to close, need to go to my other blog and direct everyone here… have a great day and keep looking up.

I Changed the look of my blog again….yes, those are my peonies up there in the header….I think I will like the look of this blog as it seems a bit easier to work with….the older I get….I NEED “easier to work with.” Have a good one. Cheers ~ Louise


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4 Responses to Frying Bacon in the Oven…..yum!

  1. Just me….seeing how this all works and is user friendly!!

  2. Roxie says:

    Hi Louise, that bacon looks delish to me!! Not overdone for my taste! In the oven…thats amazing! Hope your situation gets fixed soon……this happened to me on blogspot over a year ago….it finally fixed itself….?? I didn’t do anything. Love your new header…..and I agree, I LIKE EASIER!

    • oh I sure do love this bacon, Roxie, tonight I made a pizza and put bacon and onions, spinach cheese and sauce…perfect pizza and yummy too.

      Gosh I sure do hope BlogSpot fixes itself soon…I like BlogSpot, it’s easier to work, but I guess I will do wordpress till things get fixed. Thanks on the header…may change it again, took some more pictures today of my flowers….Black eyed susans are next.

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