Heart Shaped Strawberries from my Garden

Heart Shaped Strawberries from my Garden

Well these babies are in the freezer now…waiting for their day to be made into a wonderful dessert!!

Hi there everyone. Well as you can see I have left BlogSpot.com for a spell. I will keep both these blogs going for a while. After trying for over a week to download pictures to no avail. I decided tonight to open an account with WordPress.com and see if my problem could be remedied without having to download Google Chrome, which I did not want to do. Google Chrome and Norton were not compatible on my other computer, and I did not want to deal with those problems again. I would just rather have IE for the time being without adding another program.

Hopefully I can link this blog with BlogSpot and visa versa. I don’t want to lose my followers on BlogSpot and hopefully gain new followers on this one. Plus I have to figure out how to get my Etsy store on here also. Much to learn and do….God help me….I see there are lots of new options to learn….a new journey…just what I need. Trying to figure out how to link you back to BlogSpot….on a learning curve here….bare with me.

Well, I shall close this blog for tonight….need to get a few cards made tonight. You have a wonderful week and keep looking up. Cheers ~ Louise


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Still trying to decide who I am.
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2 Responses to Heart Shaped Strawberries from my Garden

  1. Just checking this out to see how everything works….thank you.

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